This week we’re focusing on that overflowing linen closet. Do things jump out at you every time you open the door? Do find you keep using the same linens over and over so they’re becoming threadbare? Are your towels full of stringie-thingies? (You know what we mean!) It’s time to rotate those linens…purge a few…and refresh some others!

This week’s downloadable guide has all the tips on sorting through this closet. Check out our Instagram and Facebook stories this weekend to see how we have organized our linen closet. I had put this one off for a while, but finally decided to refresh every item in my linen closet with a good washing and refolding. I went through all my items and purged a bunch of things I no longer use and now my linen closet has space again and things aren’t crammed in there so that if I pull one thing out, five others don’t fall out with it!

Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels