Help Me Sell My House

Most people can’t picture themselves living in an environment that is cluttered. Let us help you organize your home so that buyers can visualize themselves in it.


Let us do the work. You have other things to worry about when listing a home.


Pass the torch to us and we’ll transform any messy space into a peaceful one.


Decluttered and organized homes are more appealing to buyers and sell more quickly.

We'll Help You


Purge Your Clutter


Pack Away Excess


Organize & Stage

We Organize:

• Kitchen Cupboards & Pantry
• Bathroom Cupboards
• Front Hall Closets
• Bedroom Closets
• Linen Closets
• Home Offices
• Bedrooms
• Kids’ Rooms
…and more!

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We’re here to help!

Help Me Unpack My House

We will come on your moving day or the day after if you choose and unpack whatever boxes you’d like. We’ll organize your items as they are being put away.


Moving is a TOP TEN stressor in life. We’re here to alleviate that by doing the unpacking for you.


We’ll have all the important boxes unpacked right away so you can enjoy your new home immediately.


We consider things like daily flow and ease of use so we set up your things accordingly. You’ll be organized right from the start.

Focus Areas


We’ll unpack your entire kitchen and have it set up so at the end of moving day, you’ll be able to enjoy a meal.


You’ll be able to get ready for whatever the day after moving day throws at you. All your makeup, hair products, soap and shampoo will be ready for you!

Master Closet

All your clothes will be hanging and ready to wear in a neat, sectioned and colour coordinated manner.

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We’re here to help!

Help Me Organize My House

Sometimes having a fresh set of eyes on your things can help you find new and different ways to put things. We will come and organize any space where you need help.


With our help, we’ll set you up so you’ll be able to locate your things quickly and with ease.


You won’t have to re-purchase things because you’ll know exactly where everything is.


Your home is your haven. When clutter is gone you’ll feel relaxed as soon as you walk in the door.

How It Works

Book a Consultation

Call or E-mail us with any questions you may have about the cost and the process.

Sort Through Stuff

We work with you to sort your items, and then you walk away while we organize everything for you.

Return Home to Peace

Your home is your haven. When clutter is gone you’ll feel relaxed as soon as you walk in the door.

We Organize:

• Kitchen Cupboards, Drawers & Pantry
• Bathroom Cupboards & Drawers
• Front Hall Closets & Mudrooms
• Bedroom Closets & Drawers
• Laundry Rooms
• Linen Closets
• Fridges & Freezers
• Paper Files
• Home Offices
• Business Offices
• Supply Rooms
• Toy Rooms
• Basements
…and more!